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The five years I’ve served on the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) have been both educational and rewarding. The board’s regular interaction with the Department of Energy (DOE) has informed our understanding of the importance of waste management and community involvement in government decisions.

For the next year, I will lead the CAB as we tackle many important issues with enthusiasm and determination. The diversity of this board and the passion for complete understanding of Idaho's wastes will undoubtedly make for spirited and insightful discussions.   

Would you, or someone you know, like to be a part of it? The ICP CAB accepts applications for board membership throughout the year and appoints new members annually (normally around April) to maintain a membership of 12 carefully considered and diverse perspectives from the area surrounding the site. We encourage you to submit an application if you are interested in serving on the board.

Here’s what you need to know: Members are appointed for two-year terms, which may be renewed twice for a maximum service period of six years. The only requirements are that applicants have a sincere interest in issues related to Idaho Site cleanup activities and the time to study, discuss, and develop advice and input on those issues.

You can access the application, and peruse other board documents, on this website's Join the Board page.

Be sure to submit an application by September 30 to be considered for appointment to the board in April 2020.

Feel free to contact Jordan Davies, CAB support staff, to ask questions about board membership, or 208.557.7886.

We’re hoping to see you all at our next meeting, Thursday, June 20 in Fort Hall!