The ICP CAB takes an archaeological tour of the Idaho site in June 2017

You are welcome to fill out an application to become a member of the ICP CAB. Membership on the Board requires a sincere interest in issues related to Idaho site cleanup activities, as well as the time to study, discuss, and develop advice and input on those issues. 

In the event of a vacancy in Board membership, all applications on file are reviewed by the New Member Selection Committee and the DOE Idaho Operations Office. Final selection is determined by DOE and new members are appointed by the Assistant Secretary for EM. If the CAB is not seeking new members, your application will be kept on file at the DOE Idaho Operations Office for future consideration. (See Section 3 of the CAB Procedures). To apply for CAB membership, please submit your application by email or mail to: 

 ICP CAB New Member Selection Committee
 c/o Jordan Davies
 1425 Higham Street
 Idaho Falls, ID 83402
 Office: 208.557.7886