Cincinnati -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC) today issued a renewal of Agreement to the Energy Communities Alliance. The Agreement, entitled “Engaging Local Governments on Issues Related to DOE Facilities” was renewed for a five-year period of performance beginning April 12, 2018.

This grant is intended to allow ECA to work cooperatively with DOE on the following activities: 1) ECA Bulletin, 2) ECA Peer Exchange program, 3) Participate in the Combined Intergovernmental Working Group (CIWG) and Annual Intergovernmental Meeting with Department of Energy; 4) Update and publish special research reports on environmental cleanup issues; 5) Community Education and Outreach Assistance for local government organizations to increase education efforts and local government participation in DOE’s environmental cleanup efforts at nuclear waste sites; 6) Develop a Communications Toolkit for Local Governments; 7) Coordinate local, state, tribal, and other stakeholder discussions of defense waste issues; and 8) Host tech transfer discussions between DOE and local communities.


Media Contact:
Toni Rutherford, 513-246-1374