Deputy Secretary at podium speaking

In his keynote address at the 2023 National Cleanup Workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 12, Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk highlighted EM successes, the Department's Cleanup to Clean Energy initiative and workforce development, among other topics.

Senior Advisor Ike White at Podium

EM Senior Advisor William "Ike" White speaks about EM's progress and priorities at the start of the 2023 National Cleanup Workshop. "The level of progress that we're seeing is clear across the country," White said. "We're on track again to complete the vast majority of our annual priorities."

U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk and EM Senior Advisor William "Ike" White gave remarks today at the start of the 2023 National Cleanup Workshop, which saw a record turnout of attendees.

Hosted by the Energy Communities Alliance with the cooperation of EM and the Energy Facility Contractors Group, the event is a premier annual gathering to discuss progress in environmental cleanup of former government weapons sites and nuclear research facilities.

In his keynote address, Turk shared EM cleanup successes across the DOE complex, detailed workforce development efforts and highlighted the Department's Cleanup to Clean Energy initiative focused on generating clean energy on DOE-owned lands.

"What we're going to do with this program is take some of the lands that you've remediated that we've been working on for so many years, and for the first time ever, begin leasing them out so that developers, other partners can build some of the largest clean energy projects in the world," Turk said.

White called the workshop an opportunity to discuss the next phase of the cleanup mission.

"In recent years, I think we have reached an inflection point for our EM mission," White said. "We know what waste we have, and we know how to safely treat it. Most of our cleanup capabilities are in place or they're nearly in place, in some cases after decades of planning and construction. We are acting on opportunities to enable continued success."

Read more about the addresses by Turk and White as well as other workshop highlights in next week's EM Update newsletter due out Tuesday, Sept. 19.