Multiple acts of Congress require the Federal Government to use its purchasing power to reduce the negative effects on the environment and promote sustainability and energy efficiency. As with all agencies there are many environmental, energy, transportation and economic considerations affecting the acquisition process at the Department of Energy (DOE). Federal agencies are required to give preference to products that are energy efficient, water efficient, and made from biobased or recycled content.

DOE’s sustainable procurement commitments and goals are to acquire products with the most environmental attributes as possible.

DOE's Sustainable Acquisition Program ensures the purchase of more sustainable products by working with DOE sites to help them integrate sustainability requirements and objectives into operations by:

  • specifying sustainable attributes in applicable service and product contracts;
  • minimizing consumption and making re-use the first source of supply;
  • making sustainable acquisition an integral part of DOE site Environmental Management Systems (EMS);
  • focusing on products with multiple, most sustainable attributes available on the market—called the "Priority Products List" at DOE; and
  • recognizing DOE sites for voluntarily participating in the GreenBuy Award Program for achieving sustainable purchasing goals using the Priority Products List.

To discuss green purchasing requirements, integration of sustainable acquisition in EMSs, successful purchasing approaches, and available tools and resources, DOE’s Office of Sustainable Environmental Stewardship hold bi-monthly working group meetings.  DOE's Sustainable Acquisition Working Group (SAWG) is comprised of environmental, energy and acquisition professionals from across the DOE complex.

To learn more about SAWG, the voluntary GreenBuy Program, and its Priority Products List click here: