DOE provides training for non-DOE agency personnel in Historical Records Restricted Data Review Programs, and for persons who have access to or need to classify Restricted Data (RD), Formerly Restricted Data (FRD), and Transclassified Foreign Nuclear Information (TFNI).

If you require a course for a Historical Records Data Review Program, please review the Classification Training Institute Catalog for available courses, including the requirements and other details and either fill out the registration form or email the contact provided.

If you have access to RD, FRD, or TFNI or need to classify matter containing RD, FRD, or TFNI, the following courses are provided for your information.  These presentations do not serve in place of agency training unless authorized by agency policies.  Unless you are specifically directed to this training by your agency, you should contact your supervisor, security office, or your RD Management Official to ensure you receive appropriate agency training or that this information is accepted to meet your agency’s requirements.  If you do not know who your RD Management is, contact the DOE Classification Outreach Program at 301-903-7567 or