(Direct Report to the Deputy Director for Business Operations)


The Office of Resource Management supports the infrastructure of the Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) by providing balanced, unbiased, technically competent, and customer focused services in the areas of:  (1) Financial Management, including budget formulation and execution; (2) Procurement Management, including contract and credit card programs; (3) Information Management, including technology-based solutions and programs; (4) Human Resources, including recruitment and retention programs; (5) Administrative Services, including property management, travel, and work space management;  and; (6) Strategic and Program Planning including performance and efficiency measures.  


  • Performs required duties and acts as liaison between EHSS and other DOE and U.S. Government organizations as the EHSS official point of contact for various financial, procurement, information technology, human resources, and administrative programs.
  • Provides direction and oversight for the efficient and effective management of all resource management activities, i.e., financial, budget, procurement, information technology, quality assurance, human resources, and administration.
  • Ensures EHSS resource management related operations conform to Government-wide and Departmental requirements and goals.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of the EHSS budget formulation and execution processes by providing a comprehensive, performance-based budget consistent with government and Departmental planning processes and requirements; coordinating with EHSS  Office Directors regarding budget issues; assisting the Deputy Director for Business Operaitons and the Director, Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security to defend EHSS budget requests; and signing approved funding plans (AFP).
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of the EHSS procurement activities by reviewing for approval all expenditures, work authorizations, and award fee determinations; and performing Contracting Officer Representative (COR) duties for selected contracts.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of the EHSS information technology activities.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of EHSS human resource programs including development of organization and staffing plans, manpower controls, management analyses in support of the EHSS operations, and implementation of Departmental policies for personnel-related activities such as affirmative action, executive succession, employee development, and training.
  • Approves EHSS internal policies and procedures related to administrative, budget/financial, information technology, personnel, procurement, environment, health, safety, and security programs.
  • Assists the Deputy Director for Business Operations and Director, Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security and EHSS senior management with strategic planning, operational prioritization, and performance and efficiency measure activities; and assists and advises EHSS management regarding the integration and synchronization EHSS strategies with Government-wide and Departmental programs and associated systems.
  • Integrates, synchronizes, and concentrates human resource management activities in support of EHSS, Departmental leadership, and other customers.
  • Assists EHSS managers in recruiting and hiring qualified, talented and capable candidates.  Advises and informs EHSS managers on hiring requirements, capabilities, and limitations.  Assists managers, candidates, and new employees through the employment process. 
  • Manages special hiring programs such as veterans, interns, disadvantaged and minorities.
  • Administers the Senior Executive Service and DOE Headquarters employee performance management processes for EHSS. Ensures performance plans are aligned to an organizational goal and clearly focus on an intended result/outcome with credible measure for expected result.  Ensures scheduled reviews, appraisals, awards, and other related actions are performed in a timely manner.
  • Counsels, advises, and represents EHSS managers in labor-management issues such as employer-employee relationships, grievances, performance issues, misconduct, attendance problems, appeals, and adverse actions.
  • Analyzes and evaluates workforce plans, employment trends; develops staffing targets and track staffing management throughout EHSS to identify needs and to ensure appropriate skills mix; reviews and coordinates earlyout and buyout plans.
  • Develops internal management programs and assists EHSS compliance with human resource statutes, regulations, and policies.  Applies and enforces necessary administrative controls such as staffing ceilings, FTE allocations, and supervisory ratios.
  • Manages organizational change, provides advice and assistance on major restructuring proposals, reviews proposed organizational change, advises EHSS senior managers of the potential impact on operational efficiency, resource utilization, and relationships to other major organizational components; and maintains EHSS organizational charts and mission and function statements.
  • Manages and establishes EHSS human resource and administration policies and procedures.
  • Maintains the EHSS Human Capital Strategic Plan and coordinates with the DOE Office of Human Capital to ensure effective implementation of the Department’s Human Capital Strategic Plan.
  • Serves as the EHSS liaison and focal point for Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities Inventory.


Stephanie K. Martin, Acting Director