The Department of Energy's Occurrence Reporting Program provides timely notification to the DOE complex of events that could adversely affect: public or DOE worker health and safety, the environment, national security, DOE's safeguards and security interests, functioning of DOE facilities, or the Department's reputation.

DOE analyzes aggregate occurrence information for generic implications and operational improvements. The Occurrence Reporting Program directives are DOE Order 232.2A Chg1 (MinChg), Occurrence Reporting and Processing of Operations Information, and DOE Standard DOE-STD-1197-2011, Occurrence Reporting Causal Analysis. Contact Natoli, Ross for information and assistance on policy and requirements concerning Occurrence Reporting and Processing of Operations Information (DOE O 232.2A), the ORPS database, or ORPS daily reporting. Contact Broussard, Colette for information on analysis of ORPS information.

ORPS Database Access

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ORPS Training

DOE's ORPS Training consists of three modules. All modules have been updated to reflect the changes in DOE Order 232.2A Chg1 (MinChg), Occurrence Reporting and Processing of Operations Information, dated October 4, 2019, and the updated ORPS graphical user interface. The modules (published December 2018) are as follows:


The Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security was tasked with modifying the Departmental Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS) to accept PFAS release entries and issue guidance on reporting PFAS releases pursuant to a September 16, 2021 memorandum from the Deputy Secretary entitled: Addressing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances at the Department of Energy. The Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security Distribution Memorandum and the DOE guidance document, entitled: Department of Energy (DOE) Guidance on Reporting Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)-Containing Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) Releases or Spills to the Environment were approved for distribution on December 7, 2021.

This guidance provides background information and explains the reporting requirements and expectations regarding PFAS, the new ORPS Database Reporting Criterion, and the new ORPS Database Headquarters Keyword. Beginning December 15, 2021, PFAS-containing AFFF releases or spills to the environment must be reported using the new reporting criterion [Group 5, Subgroup A, (5)] in the ORPS Database.

For OPRS Database questions, please contact Mr. Ross Natoli at 301-903-6096 or For PFAS policy and technical assistance, please contact Ms. Ashley Ruocco at 301-903-7010 or

Daily ORPS Summary

The Department of Energy is committed to ensuring that the safety and health of its workers is the number one priority. To fulfill that commitment, DOE posts a daily summary and listing of occurrence reports on the DOE OPEXShare Lessons Learned database.  This posting contains occurrence reports that were submitted by 4:00pm EST of the previous workday. Each daily summary provides the DOE Laboratory/Site/Organization and Facility name, Occurrence Report number, title of the report, and a brief description of the occurrence. For additional information, a copy of the full occurrence reports is attached to the posting.

To access ORPS reports, register for a DOE OPEXShare account. For security purposes, access to occurrence reports is restricted to approved DOE and DOE contractor personnel.