The Rule 10 CFR 835.702 requires annual individual radiation exposure records to be recorded. DOE Order 231.1B requires the reporting of monitoring results to the Radiation Exposure Monitoring System (REMS) Repository in accordance with the specifications provided in REMS Reporting Guide. Additional guidance is provided with regards to privacy act data, ALARA project descriptions, preparation of the annual data, and the cyber secure method to transmit these annual submittals.

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Privacy Act Statement

The Department of Energy (DOE) will use the information collected through this system/database for the purpose of monitoring and recording levels of radiation exposure to individuals working or visiting DOE facilities. This is a database of occupational radiation exposure for all monitored DOE employees, contractors, subcontractors and members of the public. The Rule 10 CFR 835 702 (a) and (b) requires Annual Individual Radiation Exposure Records to be recorded therefore this requirement is mandatory. The DOE Order 231.1B, Environment, Safety and Health Reporting, requires the data to be reported into the Radiation Exposure Monitoring System Repository. DOE contractor personnel and other individuals’ radiation exposure records, social security numbers, and other records, in connection with registries of uranium, transuranic, or other elements encountered in the nuclear industry are maintained as described in the Department of Energy System of Records, DOE‐35, “Personnel Radiation Exposure Records”.

OMB Control No. 1910‐0300 Expires 03/31/2023