Data File Submittal – REIRS and REMS file submission form

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to increasing security concerns for the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), EHSS-23 has issued a policy statement regarding the submission of radiation exposure records to REMS. This policy should be implemented immediately by all organizations reporting radiation exposure records to REMS in accordance with the REMS Reporting Guide.

DOE sites are required to submit the results of occupational radiation exposure monitoring to DOE Headquarters on an annual basis in accordance with DOE Order 231.1B. The format and content of the reports are specified in the REMS Reporting Guide.

For the current monitoring year, sites are required to report in accordance with the Amendment to 10 CFR 835. The reporting format was updated to incorporate these changes. See the REMS Reporting Guide for the current reporting format. REMSView 3.1 is available for the sites to validate the content and format of the data submittals.

REMSView Validation Application - Version 3.1

The REMSView 3.1 Validation Application has been updated as of 3/9/2010. The application is a Java application and can be run on any computer system that can run Java. The interface is a standard windows format.

REMSView will check the annual data submittal file against the format and content specified in the optional reporting format in accordance with the Amendment to 10 CFR 835. The software will produce a text file containing warning and error messages identifying any problems found. Read the REMSView 3.1 Help file to get further information on how to install and run the application.

There are three files you need to run the application and they are enclosed in the zip file. Download the zip file and unzip the three files into the same directory. You may put them in any directory you like. When done, run the REMSView_v3-1.jar file:

Download the REMSView 3.1.

For some users, your network security may block the downloading of zip files.  If you cannot download the zip file, please contact technical support to obtain the files.

Technical Support Contacts:

REMS Project or any regulations/policy issues:

REMS System Support:

Records-related issues concerning the status of a submittal, corrected reports, or a dose history request: