DOE strengthens national security by protecting personnel, facilities, property, classified information, and sensitive unclassified information for DOE Headquarters facilities in the National Capital Area under normal and abnormal (i.e., emergency) conditions; manages access authorization functions; ensures that executives and dignitaries are fully protected, and supports efforts to ensure the continuity of government in all circumstances as mandated by Presidential Decision Directive.  DOE maintains a database of the principal personnel security information processing activities of the Department and the personnel security administrative review process.  DOE management oversight and direction support all Headquarters security operations to include physical protection, information security, personnel security, and guidance to the Headquarters Security Officers.  The link to the Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan is located below.

Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan

The purpose of the Headquarters Facility Master Security Plan (HQFMSP) is to inform employees, contractors, and visitors of the security procedures in place at Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters (HQ) facilities in the Washington, DC area. The HQFMSP does not establish new security requirements; security requirements are established by various Federal laws and regulations, Executive Orders, and DOE directives.