DOE provides classification training for DOE and non-DOE agency personnel.  DOE personnel who require classification training should contact their local Classification Officer or Headquarters Classification Representative to determine the appropriate DOE training. 

DOE Headquarters classification training is provided to DOE personnel through the Classification Training institute.  The Classification Training Institute also offers training to non –DOE agency personnel. 

Classification Training Institute Catalog and Registration Form 

Training for non-DOE agencies is available at Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, And Transclassified Foreign Nuclear Information Classification Training For Non-DOE Agency Personnel

Additional Materials

Subject Area Indicators and Key Word List for Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data

If you have questions concerning agency-specific policies for RD, FRD, or TFNI, contact your supervisor or your RD Management Official.  If you do not know who your RD Management is, you have general questions about the classification and declassification of RD, FRD, or TFNI, or are a DOE employee with questions concerning DOE classification, contact the DOE Classification Outreach Program at 301-903-7567 or