Below are stories about grid integration and transmission featured by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Energy Technologies Office.

April 17, 2024

DOE Releases First-Ever Roadmap to Accelerate Connecting More Clean Energy Projects to the Nation's Electric Grid

Report Details Recommendations to Streamline Interconnection with Near- to Long-Term Solutions to Add Clean Energy Resources to the Transmission Grid

April 10, 2024

Energy Department Announces Intent to Fund $6.5 Million Program to Pilot Interconnection Queue Management Solutions for Distribution Grid

DOE seeks feedback on program to pilot solutions for managing renewable energy and electric vehicle interconnection and energization queues.

March 19, 2024

Funding Notice: i2X Solar and Wind Interconnection for Future Transmission (SWIFTR)

$10 million funding available for analytical tools that will accelerate the reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the transmission system.

February 15, 2024

DOE, Partners Kick Off Groundbreaking Initiative to Improve Accurate Forecasting and Ensure Sustainability of U.S. Offshore Wind Farms

Wind Forecast Improvement Project will Monitor Weather, Ocean, and Wildlife Data Near Active and Proposed Offshore Wind Farms off the East Coast

December 12, 2023

Grand Challenges Revisited: Wind Energy Research Needs for a Global Energy Transition

A new report for the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme summarizes the findings of a meeting of global wind energy experts who identify the five Grand Challenges

October 30, 2023

Award-Winning Software Helps Communities Plan Their Clean Energy Transition

Learn how a utility in Fairbanks, Alaska, and a national lab used tools to simulate the impact of clean energy technologies on the city’s power system.

October 25, 2023

DOE Releases Draft Roadmap to Improve Interconnection of Clean Energy Resources on the Nation’s Transmission Grid

DOE released a draft roadmap to address interconnection challenges on the transmission grid and seeks feedback from the public

October 24, 2023

Award-Winning Open-Source Tool Makes Planning for Future Wind Energy Scenarios a Breeze

The Renewable Energy Potential model can help identify optimal regions for wind plants based on factors like wind resources, land use, topography, and community preferences. It has revealed pathways to Puerto Rico’s clean energy goals.

October 17, 2023

Wind Forecast Improvement Project Saves Millions for Utilities and Customers

Regional wind data from around the U.S. helps improve a national weather forecasting model, which allows utility companies to better plan for windy days.

September 27, 2023

DOE Releases Funding Opportunity to Reduce Costs of High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission

DOE released a $10 million funding opportunity announcement to fund research to drive innovation and reduce costs of high-voltage direct current.