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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced the launch of its new, user-friendly online information resources portal, the Wind Technology Resource Center (WTRC). The WTRC provides a central repository for research reports, publications, data sets, and online tools developed by DOE’s national laboratories and facilities. These information resources detail wind-energy-related analyses, studies, technology design, tests, and field experiments conducted by the labs from 1980 to the present.

Research indicated that stakeholders were interested in browsing high-caliber information resources based on scientific research and development (R&D) topics and technologies. However, no database offered the ability to browse articles in this manner until DOE developed the WTRC. By housing resources from labs all over the country in one central repository, the WTRC will help wind industry stakeholders find technical information more quickly and easily, supporting the Wind Program’s goal to provide current, expert, objective, and accessible wind-energy-related information to the public.

The WTRC offers a variety of ways for users to browse resources, including by topic, technology, application, and state, or search based on keywords. Visitors to the resource center can begin their search with a keyword and continue narrowing the field using a host of filters on the results page. In addition to R&D topics, technology, application, and state, users can filter by organization and resource type to create a highly tailored list.

Moving forward, the WTRC will support endeavors to meet DOE’s goal of leading the nation’s efforts to accelerate the deployment of wind power technologies by providing industry and the public with open access to information on improving performance, lowering costs, and reducing market barriers from its national laboratories.