With 40 offshore wind R&D awards issued so far, the NOWRDC is driving critical innovation in the U.S. offshore wind energy industry

The National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC), established in 2018 as a nonprofit public-private partnership, focuses on advancing offshore wind technology in the United States through high-impact research projects and cost-effective, responsible development to maximize economic benefits. The NOWRDC supports research to accelerate the U.S. offshore wind energy industry.

To date, NOWRDC has issued 40 R&D awards, totaling $28.3 million across 25 states. These projects generally focus on three research pillars that aim to guide technical solutions to barriers in the U.S. offshore wind energy industry:

  1. Offshore wind technology advancement
  2. Offshore wind power resource and physical site characterization
  3. Installation, operation and maintenance (O&M), and supply chain.
A pie chart that shows the number of projects funded by the NOWRDC in seven topic areas.

NOWRDC projects span a wide range of offshore wind energy topic areas. Figure from NOWRDC

All 40 projects will be spotlighted at NOWRDC’s upcoming Technical R&D Symposium—taking place virtually November 8–10, 2021. Each day of the symposium will feature a theme, project presentations, and keynote speakers. Building on the success of last year’s Technical R&D Symposium, the upcoming 2021 event will provide updates on exciting technical innovations and discoveries made under NOWRDC projects. The symposium will also provide a forum for collaborative, insightful discussion among leaders in the U.S. offshore wind industry.

NOWRDC also intends to bolster its project portfolio through a new solicitation. The first round was released late this summer relating to offshore wind supply, logistics, and O&M; and one subsequent round will occur in spring 2022. Solicitations may draw from NOWRDC’s Roadmap 3.0—the overarching technical guidance document for offshore wind R&D topics. This document was updated in June 2021 to account for already-achieved research objectives and to incorporate new research priorities and objectives—including research priorities central to the Biden administration’s goals for offshore wind.

“The consortium is making significant and critical industry-guided and prioritized investments to reduce costs and risks within the U.S. offshore wind industry and is a key part of meeting the Biden administration’s offshore wind deployment goals,” said Nate McKenzie, technology manager for offshore wind R&D at WETO.

Photo of three offshore wind turbines with two ships in the foreground.

The National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC) is dedicated to managing industry-focused R&D of U.S. offshore wind energy. Photo courtesy of Principle Power. Artist: DOCK90

Current funding for the consortium comes from DOE and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, each providing $20.5 million; the commonwealths of Virginia and Massachusetts; and the states of Maryland and Maine—for a total investment of approximately $48 million. In addition, the NOWRDC benefits from the dedicated engagement of its industry-spanning membership—comprising offshore wind energy developers, offshore wind equipment manufacturers, and independent entities. As a result of its diverse membership, NOWRDC can build strong networks connecting technology innovators, investors, and industry.

You can register for the NOWRDC’s National Offshore Wind R&D Symposium 2021, taking place in November.

If you have questions or are interested in collaborating with the NOWRDC, please reach out to Carrie Cullen Hitt at info@nationaloffshorewind.org.

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