Below are stories about funding featured by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Energy Technologies Office.

May 19, 2022

Sea Grant, DOE, NOAA Fisheries Fund Six Projects for the Coexistence of Offshore Energy with Northeast Fishing and Coastal Communities

The Northeast Sea Grant Consortium announced six projects to advance social science and technology research on offshore renewable energy in the Northeast United States.

March 1, 2022

NREL Seeks Competitiveness Improvement Project Proposals to Accelerate Distributed Wind Deployment

A new Competitiveness Improvement Project request for proposals invites respondents to help address cost barriers to rapid deployment of improved distributed wind technology. Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2022.

February 28, 2022

DOE Released 2022 Technology Commercialization Fund Solicitations

We need your help to commercialize national laboratory intellectual property faster to meet the major challenges we face as a nation and in the world today.

February 2, 2022

National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium Opens Round 2 of Solicitation for Innovative Technologies to Advance Offshore Wind

This round will fund projects that facilitate ocean co-use, mitigate impacts to marine wildlife, enhance offshore wind power forecasting, and improve transmission system reliability and resilience.

January 12, 2022

National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium Announces New Projects Selected for Funding

The National Offshore Wind R&D Consortium has announced six new projects to support supply chain efficiency, asset monitoring, and inspection.

December 13, 2021

Celebrating Achievements and Looking Forward to a New Year

As 2021 draws to a close, the Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) is reflecting on our R&D, recent achievements, and recognitions, and getting ramped up for a new year of possibilities for wind energy.

November 8, 2021

DOE National Labs Celebrate Numerous R&D 100 Awards

R&D World magazine has recognized three WETO-supported projects for its 2021 R&D 100 awards, which celebrate products and technologies that are considered innovative disruptors and revolutionary ideas in science and technology.

October 13, 2021

DOE Announces $13.5 Million to Support Sustainable Development of Offshore Wind

Selected projects will study environmental and wildlife topics that can help advance offshore wind on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

October 1, 2021

NREL Announces Funding Opportunity for Bat-Wind Turbine Interactions and Deterrents

The lab is seeking Request for Proposals to support research into how bat behave near wind turbines and how they respond to tools intended to keep bats away from turbines (deterrents).

September 30, 2021

Happy New (Fiscal) Year!

As we enter a new fiscal year, WETO is sharing some of the more notable wind energy research and development accomplishments from 2021.