Since the start of the PBE initiative in 2019, WPTO has facilitated research and development that connects marine renewable energy to human needs. Innovative funding programs have attracted researchers, innovators, students, and partners to address energy challenges for blue economy sectors.

Renewable energy from oceans and rivers could ultimately provide power to remote communities, serve in disaster relief scenarios, and improve our capacity to study the ocean and its inhabitants. The following early successes are just the beginning of WPTO’s efforts to increase access to renewable energy:

Inspiring Innovators
Entrepreneurs, developers, academic teams, and nonprofit organizations are collaboratively tackling challenges from conceptual design to business planning to open water testing.
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Supporting Foundational Research
WPTO supports foundational research at both national labs and non-federal institutions to determine the power needs of blue economy sectors and develop small-scale marine energy technologies to meet those needs.
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Connecting with Communities
Engaging with energy users is critical to ensure a community’s specific goals are understood and achieved. End-user needs guide the planning for technology development and integration into existing systems.
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Protecting People and the Planet
Marine energy and blue economy markets also fulfill human needs by providing power to remote communities, creating jobs in ocean sectors, improving capabilities of predicting destructive storms and monitoring ocean health.
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