Funding Opportunity Announcement: DE-FOA-0001663 - Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Development and Advancement

Selection Date: 12/14/2016

Total Award Money: $12,000,000

FOA Objective

Support MHK technologies aiming for economic competitiveness in either early-adopter or large utility scale markets.


This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) supports innovative technologies capable of generating reliable and cost-effective electricity from U.S. water resources. It targets MHK technologies that can be deployed in markets with high energy costs in the near-term, while supporting next-generation technologies that have the potential to be cost competitive with other energy generation technologies in the longer term. Specific areas of interest include:

  • WEC System Advancement
  • Open Topic – MHK Technology Development

EERE Selections

Energy Department Announces up to $12 Million for Projects to Advance Wave Energy

Funding Awardee

Wave Energy Converters Systems Advancement and Innovative Marine Energy Technologies:

  • Aquaharmonics, Oregon City, Oregon
  • California Wave Power Technologies, Berkeley, California
  • Portland State University of Portland, Oregon
  • ReVision Consulting of Sacramento, California


Awardee CID

Selection Date

DOE Award $

Cost Share $

Project Profile





California Wave Power Technologies Open Water Demonstration

California Wave Power Technologies (CalWave) will upscale its WEC technology for open-ocean testing by advancing the technology readiness level (TRL) of the device through advanced numerical simulations, dynamic hardware tests, and a 1:4-scale open water demonstration.





Open Water Testing of a Scaled Next Generation Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter with Phase Control

AquaHarmonics, the grand-prize winner of the Wave Energy Prize, is building a larger version of its winning wave energy device for open-ocean testing to test its ability to perform deployment, mooring, maintenance, and decommissioning activities in open-ocean conditions, as well as provide a performance map that shows device operation across a range of wave heights and periods.





Wave Prediction Leveraging Multiple Measurement Sources – A Sensor Fusion Approach

ReVision Consulting, LLC is designing and improving its wave prediction system to improve the system’s wave-prediction accuracy from 70% to more than 90 by integrating measurements from a small array of wave measurement buoys with measurements from a radar system.





A Hermetically Sealed Magnetically Geared Marine Hydrokinetic Generator

Portland State University will design, fabricate, and conduct laboratory testing on a magnetic gearbox (MG) and magnetically geared generators (MGG).