Marine Energy Program

Reducing Barriers to Testing

Project Name: Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research (TEAMER) Program

Project Team: Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (lead) and more than 30 institutions offering more than 100 capabilities throughout TEAMER’s facility network

Lead Recipient Location: Portland, Oregon, with TEAMER-supported activities taking place nationwide

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Navigating new marine energy technologies from idea to commercial viability, with testing and development challenges in between, represents a substantial barrier to the commercialization of these systems. The Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research (TEAMER) program, sponsored by the Water Power Technologies Office and executed by the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust, accelerates the idea-to-market process by providing support for developers seeking access to the nation’s best marine energy testing facilities and leading marine energy experts. 

During Fiscal Year 2021, TEAMER selected 23 projects through its second request for technical support and 14 projects through its third request, while also closing its fourth request. These technical support awards will grant these projects access to numerical modeling, lab testing, and tank/flume testing within TEAMER’s expanded facility network. In Fiscal Year 2020, TEAMER had selected 16 projects

Through these activities, TEAMER gives early-stage technology developers access to world-class testing infrastructure and expertise, helping them advance their devices, build knowledge, foster innovation, and drive commercialization of marine energy technologies. 

Reducing Barriers to Testing Projects