Marine Energy Program

Foundational R&D

Project Name: Leveraging Co-Development for the Energy Capture Subsystem of a Small-Scale Adaptive Wave Energy Converter

Project Team: Ocean Motion Technologies, Inc. 

Lead Recipient Location: San Diego, California

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A project team led by Ocean Motion Technologies deployed a prototype wave energy converter that can generate power from passing waves created by boat wakes. This test, which took place off the coast of San Diego, California, successfully demonstrated that power can be harnessed from waves as small as those created by boats. By generating power from waves of this size, this test showed greater versatility and environments in which marine energy devices could be used to harness power.  

Ocean Motion Technologies worked with several commercial and strategic partners throughout this effort. The commercial end users provided regular feedback to ensure product-market fit (primarily focused on ocean-observing applications), while the National Renewable Energy Laboratory provided guidance and technical support. Ocean Motion Technologies also partnered with the Technology Career Institute at MiraCosta College to provide mentorship and hands-on experience to trade school students. 

This project was funded through the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs. 

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