Grid Reliability, Resilience, & Integration (HydroWIRES)

Project Name: Hydropower Storage Capacity Dataset

Project Team: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Recipient Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Project Summary: Oak Ridge National Laboratory creates a centralized dataset that provides an overview of available resources at hydropower facilities and their energy storage potential.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) created the Hydropower Energy Storage Capacity (HESC) dataset, which combines a variety of data sources to offer a complete view of available resources at existing hydropower facilities and their energy storage potential. This dataset addresses a challenge the hydropower community has long faced accessing the centralized, accurate information needed to assess available water and energy storage at hydropower facilities in the United States. This collection of datasets a foundation for understanding available resources that could increase grid reliability and provide support for intermittent energy sources. As the HESC dataset advances, ORNL will update the platform to incorporate additional details, and use modeling and case studies to explore opportunities and limitations for conventional hydropower facilities.

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