Marine Energy Program

Reducing Barriers to Testing

Project Name: Atlantic Marine Energy Center Launch

Project Team: University of New Hampshire (lead), Stony Brook University, Lehigh University, Coastal Studies Institute, Old Dominion University, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and European Marine Energy Centre

Lead Recipient Location: Durham, New Hampshire

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The University of New Hampshire—partnered with various universities, national labs, and the European Marine Energy Center—won a $10 million award to develop an Atlantic Marine Energy Center (AMEC) on its campus. One of 10 projects funded by a $22 million U.S. Department of Energy award for marine energy foundational R&D and testing infrastructure, this facility will conduct marine energy testing and to address the need for ongoing research into marine energy and to support the Powering the Blue Economy initiative.

This center will utilize open-water, laboratory, numerical, and analytical test capabilities to upgrade wave and tidal device testing infrastructure, including digital twinning capabilities, with the goal of improving alignment with industry needs and enhancing our testing capability under the Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research program. Research performed at AMEC is expected to address various issues in marine energy, including foundational R&D, wave and tidal energy conversion, marine energy power conversion, and storage integration.

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