Information for Presenters

The 2023 Annual Merit Review (AMR) schedule includes only oral presentations. All poster presentations will be posted online for attendees, without a scheduled poster session.

Before the meeting, presentations and posters will be available in the Annual Merit Review Presentation Database.

  • All presenters must register in advance.
  • All presenters and reviewers are strongly encouraged to attend the plenary session on Monday, June 12, 2023, to hear the invited speakers and VTO staff set the stage for the AMR technical presentations.
  • Presentations are due April 14, 2023. No extensions will be granted.
  • Please pay close attention to instructions for submitting PDF files that now require Alt Text on graphics and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Embed original images for clarity.

Presenter Preparation Information

Do not include any information that is proprietary or confidential in your presentation. Make sure any material used from subcontractors and project partners meets this criterion. If copyrighted material is included, it must be used with permission and attributed properly. Please submit the written copyright permission along with the presentation. Presentations will be posted to the Annual Merit Review Presentation Database.

Creating Your Presentation or Poster

Oral Presenters

Time limits will be strictly enforced. Please consult the meeting agenda for your allotted time.

Time Allotted


Q & A

60 minutes

40 minutes

20 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

20 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

10 minutes

5 minutes


Poster Presenters

Your poster presentation must be created in a .pdf file using the poster preparation instructions below. Please ensure your file follows the guidelines for Alt Text on graphics. Posters can be formatted as a complete slide deck or as one poster.

For reviewed posters, principal investigators (PIs) must record a 5- to 7-minute video presentation, which will be available for reviewers only. Reviewers will be contacting PIs via email with any questions. There will be no poster session. PIs must look for and be responsive to reviewer emails between June 12 and June 30.

Submitting Your Presentation or Poster

All files must be uploaded through Google Forms no later than April 14, 2023:

The lead time is needed so that your VTO Technology Development Manager and reviewers have sufficient time to review your presentation prior to the meeting.

Project achievements made after the April 14, 2023, deadline may be conveyed verbally during your presentation or when answering reviewer questions.

Schedule Overview

Presenters will be notified via email with the times and dates of their presentations. In addition, the agenda page is regularly updated with the time and date for each presentation.

At the Review Meeting

Oral Presenters

  • 60-minute oral time slots: 40 minutes for presentations and 20 minutes for questions.
  • 45-minute oral time slots: 30 minutes for presentations and 15 minutes for questions.
  • 30-minute oral time slots: 20 minutes for presentations and 10 minutes for questions.
  • 15-minute oral time slots: 10 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for questions.

These time limits will be strictly enforced.

Poster Presenters

There will be no poster session at the 2023 VTO AMR. Posters will be publicly available online prior to the AMR.


All the presentations and posters will be posted to the Annual Merit Review Presentation Database just before the AMR. A report containing the results of the project reviews will be published on the Annual Progress Reports page on the VTO website approximately 4 months following the AMR.