The 2023 Annual Merit Review was held as a virtual event on June 12-15, 2023. 

The 2024 Annual Merit Review will be held on June 3-6, 2024.

Merit Review Presentations

2023 AMR presentations are available for download by program. View Annual Merit Review presentations from 2009 - 2023 in the Merit Review Presentations Database.

Merit Review Reports

View Annual Merit Review reports from 2008 - 2022 and other subprogram reports on the Annual Progress Reports page.

About the Annual Merit Review

During the VTO AMR, advanced vehicle technologies projects funded by VTO are presented and reviewed for their merit. Reviewers come from a variety of backgrounds, including current and former members of the vehicles industry, academia, national laboratories, and government. Each reviewer evaluates a set of projects based on how much they contribute to or advance the Department of Energy’s missions and goals. Reviewers consider each project’s breadth, depth, appropriateness, accomplishments, and potential. The final reviews are described in VTO’s Annual Merit Review Results Reports.