Highway vehicles are responsible for the majority of the energy consumed by the transportation sector. Most of the fuel used in light vehicles is gasoline, while most of the fuel used in medium and heavy trucks and buses is diesel.

Transportation Energy Use by Mode and Fuel Type, 2013


Rail includes transit, intercity passenger, and freight.
Water includes waterborne commerce and recreational boating.
Air includes all domestic operations and one-half of international operations.
Civilian consumption only. Totals may not include all possible uses of fuels for transportation (e.g., snowmobiles).

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Supporting Information

Transportation Energy Use by Mode and Fuel Type, 2013
(Million barrels per day equivalent)
ModeGasolineDiesel fuelLiquefied petroleum gasJet fuelResidual fuel oilNatural gasElectricityTotal
Light vehicles7.*8.1
Medium/heavy trucks & buses0.*2.8
Total highway & nonhighway8.

* Data on electricity use of highway vehicles is not available.
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Transportation Energy Data Book, Edition 32, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2013.

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