Of the battery packs used for electrified vehicle powertrains in model year 2013, the greatest number went into conventional hybrid vehicles which use battery packs that average about 1.3 kilowatt-hours (kWh). However, far greater battery capacity was installed in plug-in vehicles. Although plug-in vehicles sell in much lower volume, their battery packs are much larger with capacities as high as 85 kWh – a battery offering for the Tesla Model S.

Number of Batteries Sold and Battery Capacity Sold for Model Year 2013


Sources: Estimated using hybrid and plug-in sales data along with information on battery suppliers. Vehicle Sales Data – Provided by Yan (Joann) Zhou, Argonne National Laboratory.

Supporting Information

Number of Batteries Sold
Hybrid VehiclesPlug-in Vehicles
Total Battery Capacity Sold
(Million Kilowatt-hours)
Hybrid VehiclesPlug-in Vehicles

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