The number of all light vehicles sold declined about 18% from 2007 to 2008, while the number of hybrid vehicles sold declined about 11%. Five new hybrid models were sold in 2008; other than those, the only hybrid model that sold more in 2008 than in 2007 was the Nissan Altima. Despite the downturn in sales, the Toyota Prius continues to dominate hybrid sales.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales by Model, 1999-2008

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales by Model, 1999-2008
Honda Insight173,7884,7262,2161,2005836667220013,918
Toyota Prius 5,56215,55620,11924,60053,991107,897106,971181,221158,574674,491
Honda Civic   13,70021,80025,57125,86431,25132,57531,297182,058
Ford Escape     2,99318,79720,14921,38617,17380,498
Honda Accord     1,06116,8265,5983,40519627,086
Lexus RX400h      20,67420,16117,29115,20073,326
Toyota Highlander      17,98931,48522,05219,44190,967
Mercury Mariner      9983,1743,7222,32910,223
Lexus GS 450h       1,7841,6456784,107
Toyota Camry       31,34154,47746,272132,090
Nissan Altima        8,3888,81917,207
Saturn Vue        4,4032,9207,323
Lexus LS600hL        9379071,844
Saturn Aura        7722851,057
Chevy Tahoe         3,7453,745
GMC Yukon         1,6101,610
Chevy Malibu         2,0932,093
Cadillac Escalade         801801
Chrysler Aspen         4646

Source: Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies Center,

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