The recently released results of a 2008 survey on plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) show that 42% of respondents said there was some chance that they would buy a PHEV sometime in the future. Questions were also asked that gave an added vehicle price for a PHEV, with the assumption that the vehicle fuel costs would be reduced by 75%. When asked about a PHEV that costs $2,500 more than an ordinary vehicle but resulted in a 75% reduction in fuel costs, 46% of the respondents said there was some chance they would purchase a PHEV. When the incremental vehicle price went up to $5,000, only 30% of respondents said there was a chance they would buy a PHEV; with the incremental vehicle price at $10,000, only 14% said there was a chance they would buy a PHEV.



Purchase Probabilities for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles under Certain Scenarios


Supporting Information

Purchase Probabilities for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Under Certain Scenarios
 Purchase Probabilities
No Cost or Fuel Data Given42%
Vehicle Cost + $2,500;
Fuel Cost -75%
Vehicle Cost + $5,000;
Fuel Cost -75%
Vehicle Cost + $10,000;
Fuel Cost -75%

Source: University of Michigan, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, October 2009. Based on a survey conducted between July and November 2008, N=2,513.  

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