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As the transportation sector shifts from fossil fuels toward electrification, it is increasingly important to consider the distribution of electricity generation, in addition to the production of crude oil.

In 2020, Texas produced 4.9 million barrels per day (mmbd) of crude oil. Besides Texas, only North Dakota and New Mexico produced over 1 mmbd. All other states produced less than 0.5 mmbd, with about half of the states producing no crude oil at all. In total, 11.3 mmbd of crude oil was produced in 2020, including 1.7 mmbd of Federal offshore production.

In contrast to crude oil, all states produced electricity. In 2020, Texas produced the most with 473,515 gigawatt-hours (GWh) followed by Florida with 250,828 GWh and Pennsylvania with 230,143 GWh. All other states produced less than 200,000 GWh of electricity.

Crude Oil Production by State, 2020

Note: Crude oil production does not include natural gas liquids.

Total Net Electricity Generation by State, 2020

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