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As of May 2019, there were more than 68,800 Level 2 and DC fast charging units throughout the United States. Of that total, 16%, or approximately 10,860 units, were DC fast chargers that make long-distance travel more practical for electric vehicles (EV). A DC fast charger adds 60 to 80 miles of range per 20 minutes of charging, while a Level 2 charger adds 10 to 20 miles of range per one hour of charging. California has the most EV charging units of any state at 22,620, which represents about a third of the nationwide total; however, there are 18 other states that have more than 1,000 Level 2 and DC fast charging units, combined.

Counts include both public and non-residential private charging units. A charging unit refers to a single charge point. An EV charging station may have multiple units.

EV Charging Units by State and Charge Level, May 2019

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