NGLS Indoor Evaluations

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Three photos of NGLS indoor evaluations.

A total of 12 connected lighting systems – representing a range of controls and luminaire types, including linear pendants, troffers, and retrofit kits – were installed in functioning classrooms at The New School, Parsons School of Design, with each system lighting its own classroom to a common lighting and control specification, which aligns with requirements for most lighting energy codes.

Seven of the submittals were from independent manufacturers, who provided both the luminaires and controls, essentially proprietary systems. The other five were partnerships between a controls manufacturer and a different luminaire manufacturer. Of the partnerships, three might be called open systems, where the controls are intended for use with any compatible luminaire and are marketed through specification/distribution channels (although in all cases, factory coordination was required for the evaluation). The other three partnerships might be characterized as OEM, where the luminaire manufacturer procures “third-party” controls through an OEM manufacturer or channel. 

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In each classroom, the installers and evaluators encountered a variety of approaches to system architecture, operation, configuration tools, wall controls, and documentation.