PNNL collaborates with industry stakeholders and standards development organizations to address CLS technical issues that span all use cases and affect all building systems.

ANSI C136 – Standards for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment (in progress)
PNNL provides ongoing technical support for the ANSI C136–Standards for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment committee, with a focus on draft standards describing energy reporting accuracy test setups and methods.

ANSI C137 – Standards for Lighting Systems Collaboration (in progress)
PNNL provides ongoing technical support and leadership for the Energy Prediction and Reporting working group in the ANSI C137–Standards for Lighting Systems committee, which is exploring the energy reporting needs for various existing and emerging use cases.

Multi-Lab Interoperability Collaboration (in progress)
PNNL is collaborating with other DOE national laboratories and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to pursue the development of industry-consensus semantic interoperability for lighting and other building systems. The team is organizing its efforts around use cases; the results will support two data-driven use cases that have become the focus of PNNL’s CLS research.


PNNL collaborates on studies that consider the potential risks associated with sharing data, and explore controls and technologies for mitigating those risks.

A collaboration with Underwriters Laboratory led to the development of a set of tests focused on authentication vulnerabilities, and the execution of those tests in the CLTB to evaluate four CLS. New tests have been developed that identify additional authentication vulnerabilities and begin to explore the implementation of authorization best practices. Future tests will be developed based on the outcome of in-development threat profiles for the two data-driven use cases that are the focus on PNNL’s CLS research.


Learn more about model specifications and other CLS tools in development.

Specification Template for Calibration of Temperature- And Humidity-Measuring Equipment

This tool provides a specification template that can be used when requesting calibration services for environmental sensors, as well as an example implementation of the template specification reflecting the planned usage of the device to be calibrated.

Specification Template for Calibration of Energy-Measuring Equipment
This tool provides a specification template for calibration of energy-measuring equipment; an example is also provided to illustrate how it might be tailored to match the range of expected use for a given instrument.

Model Specification for Networked Outdoor Lighting Control Systems
This tool is designed to help cities, utilities, and other local agencies develop a specification for outdoor lighting projects.