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CALiPER evaluates new and emerging SSL products and functions, such as OLED luminaires and color tunable products, as well as long-term product performance. The purpose of CALiPER is to provide objective data quantifying SSL technology performance including energy efficiency, color quality, control attributes, visual characteristics, light output, and intensity distribution. CALiPER provides technical input and support for the development of new test methods and application guidance, with DOE investigations providing data that is essential for understanding the current issues facing SSL technology advancement.

Testing Results

CALiPER testing results, summaries, and analyses are widely shared via reports, webinars, videos, presentations, and other means.

  • Application Reports focus on specific product types and design scenarios, offering comparative analysis that puts LED performance in context relative to the overall lighting industry and benchmark technologies. This approach serves to educate the industry on potential issues and important areas for improvement.
  • Snapshot Reports use data from the LED Lighting Facts® product list to examine LED product performance and help retailers, distributors, designers, utilities, energy efficiency programs, and other stakeholders understand the current state of LED technology and its trajectory.