Lead Performer: Nanovox LLC – Beaverton, OR
Partner(s): None
DOE Total Funding: $199,998
Project Term: June 29, 2020 – June 28, 2021
Funding Type: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Project


This project is developing the use of commercial-scale inkjet-printed additive manufacturing to fabricate the optics for solid-state lighting. These novel optics allow LED lighting to have better distribution with less glare. The printed inks use non-scattering high-index nanocrystals. By altering the density of nanocrystals, graded refractive index optics can be achieved. Solid-state lighting diffusing optical sheets will be composed of large asymmetrical microlens arrays, patterned to shape beams and homogenize the output. These additively printed planar optics can be used for superior beam control and lower cost.


The project approach has high potential benefit, as it will demonstrate that diffusing optics customized for a given lighting application can be made, on demand, directly from CAD tools, without the need for tooling, allowing for efficient on-demand manufacturing regardless of batch size. Further, the ability to control beam distribution allows improved light application efficiency and consequent energy/cost savings.


DOE Technology Manager: Brian Walker, Brian.Walker@ee.doe.gov 
Lead Performer: Hooman Akhavan, Voxtel