Download presentations from the 2022 DOE Solid-State Lighting Workshop, held January 31–February 3, 2022. Please note: not all speakers granted permission for online posting.

Presentations from organizations other than DOE do not necessarily represent the views of DOE or indicate endorsement by DOE.



  • Workshop Welcome
    Brian Walker, Lighting R&D Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
    Ramachandran Narayanamurthy, Emerging Technologies Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
    Brian Liebel, Director of Standards and Research, Illuminating Engineering Society
  • Keynote
    Trevor Palmer, President, Acuity Brands
  • Keynote
    Oleg Shchekin, Chief Technology Officer, Lumileds
  • Energy Savings from Lighting Application Efficiency
    Moderator: Morgan Pattison, SSLS Inc.
    Raj Bhagavathula, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
    Christoph Reinhart, Solemma
  • Non-Visual Physiological Responses to Light
    Moderator: George Brainard, Thomas Jefferson University
    Melissa St. Hilaire, Harvard Medical School
    Samer Hattar, National Institute of Mental Health
    John Hanifin, Thomas Jefferson University


  • Next-Generation Lighting Professionals
    Student Poster Competition Winners
    Hannah Moon, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
    Shruti Hariyani, University of Houston
    Moderators: Brienne Musselman, Illuminating Engineering Society, and Lisa Pattison, SSLS Inc.
    Bernadette Boudreaux, DesignLights Consortium
    Kenneth Connor, Inclusive Engineering Consortium/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Bob Davis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Yulia Tyukhova, Independent Researcher/Former Chair of IES Emerging Professionals Committee
  • Advances in LED Materials and Devices
    Moderator: Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
    Wouter Soer, Lumileds
    Ling Zhou, BOLB
    Ilan Jen-LaPlante, Nanosys
    Jakoah Brgoch, University of Houston
  • Advances in OLED Materials
    Moderator: Lisa Pattison, SSLS Inc.
    Maria Vasilopoulou, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos
    Michele Ricks, EMD Performance Materials
    Tommie Royster, R-Display and Lighting
    Chihaya Adachi, Kyushu University
  • Breaking Through to Next-Level Lighting Performance
    Moderator: Mark Lien, Illuminating Engineering Society
    Jim Gaines, Signify
    Steve Paolini, Telelumen
    Carol Jones, Axis Lighting
    Nate Mitten, Kimco Realty Corporation


  • Lighting and Sustainability: A Cradle-to-Cradle Discussion
    Opening Speaker: Lindsay Baker, International Living Future Institute
    Moderator: Kate Hickcox, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Roger Sexton, Stoane Lighting   
    James Salazar, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
    Mike Johnson, Sustainability and Net Positive Design Professional
    Lindsay Baker, International Living Future Institute
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    Moderator: Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
    Aaron Smith, Finelite
    Lars Waumans, Signify
    Drew Hanser, Veeco Instruments
    Eugene Chow, PARC
  • Diffuse Lighting Panels
    Moderator: Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting
    Jeff Spindler, OLEDWorks
    Claire Arneson, University of Michigan
    Sergey Vasylyev, Lucent Optics
    Homer Antoniadis, Nanosys
  • Disinfection: What Have We Learned About GUV and Other Methods?
    Moderator: Alex Baker, Illuminating Engineering Society
    Dianne Poster, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Gabe Arnold, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Ed Nardell, Harvard Medical School
    Mike Krames, Arkesso
  • Innovations in Display Architecture for Improved Energy Efficiency and Performance
    Moderator: Wyatt Merrill, U.S. Department of Energy
    Bryan Urban, Fraunhofer USA
    Stefan Peana, Dell
    David Chen, Power Integrations
    Bob Karlicek, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


  • Taming Advanced Lighting System Complexity: A Call to Action
    Opening Speaker: Mike Skurla, Radix IoT
    Moderator: Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Brian Coddington, Chicago Lightworks
    Charles Knuffke, Wattstopper/Legrand
    David Ghatan, C.M. Kling & Associates
  • Building Scale Systems Interoperability and Integration
    Moderator: Greg Thomson, PlanArchology
    Sarah Safranek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Michael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Kenny Seeton, California State University, Dominguez Hills
    Alexi Miller, New Buildings Institute
  • New Frontiers of Lighting
    Moderators: Mark Lien, Illuminating Engineering Society, and Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
    Mark Lien, Illuminating Engineering Society
    Monica Hansen, LED Lighting Advisors
    Eric Corey Freed, CannonDesign