-- This project is inactive --

Funding Opportunity: CSP APOLLO
SunShot Subprogram: CSP
Location: Lakewood, CO
Amount Awarded: $1,221,015
Awardee Cost Share: $1,221,015

Abengoa will re-optimize the collector as an entire system to enable the use of molten salt in the collector field, detailing and validating innovative improvements in the concentrator design, drive and controls, manufacturing, installation, plant operation, and optical performance.


The new collector design simultaneously simplifies the collector itself, the associated civil site preparation, and infrastructure costs, which form an increasing share of the cost in today’s lower-cost modern solar fields. This will result in a next-generation collector that moves away from the conventional architecture, delivering lower costs and better high-temperature heat transfer fluid compatibility.


The Advanced Trough with Lower-cost System-Architecture design (ATLAS) builds upon the state-of-the-art SpaceTube large-aperture collector and SolarMat innovative manufacturing technologies. ATLAS further optimizes the design configuration around a modernized set of component designs and design boundary conditions, which incorporate recent technology developments in low-cost integrated wireless controls, distributed power supply, stiffened mirror panels, precast concrete, and process automation.