With nearly one million solar energy systems installed on residential rooftops across the country, buying or selling a solar home is getting more and more common. Just like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement increases a home’s value, solar has been shown to boost home valuation and shorten a home’s time on the market. In addition, new borrowing tools give solar-interested homeowners access to financing programs that can lower the cost of capital and unlock new ways to go solar. The real estate market is embracing solar, making it vital that real estate agents, appraisers, and home owners increase their solar knowledge and leverage the premium-boosting power of a solar system to sell or refinance their homes.

The SunShot Initiative has funded projects, tools, and resources designed to help make it easy to purchase a solar system for your home, or buy or sell a solar home. This spotlight on solar and real estate aims to highlight our extensive work in this area and connect these resources with the professionals and homeowners who can use this information.