Head and shoulders portrait of Christy Cooper, Acting Business and ITSO Director.

Christy Cooper is the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations and Director of the Office of Business Services Management (OBSM) in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). In these roles, she oversees all of EERE’s business operations and functions – including budget formulation and execution; operational policy and business process execution; staffing, performance, and facilities management; employee engagement; IT services and systems; knowledge management, data, and reporting; and cross-cutting business administration activities.

Since joining EERE in 1995, Christy has held a variety of positions in EERE, including Vehicle Technologies Office Operations Supervisor and DOE Director of the U.S. DRIVE Partnership, a collaboration among DOE and its national laboratories, automobile manufacturers, energy companies, and electric utilities. She also served in the Fuel Cell Technologies Office (now Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies), the Weatherization Assistance Program in support of the Recovery Act, and the former Office of Transportation Technologies. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Colgate University and Master of Public Administration from the University of Baltimore.