The Office of Operations is the central organization for all Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) organizational products and services, processes, and systems. The main offices are the Golden Field Office, the Business Services Management Office and the Budget Office.


Golden Field Office

The Golden Field Office serves as the primary field agent for EERE. The office awards grants and manages contracts for EERE projects, facilitates research and development partnerships to support those technologies, and oversees DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory—the nation's only national lab solely dedicated to researching and developing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Photo of DOE Forrestal building taken from down Independence Avenue.

Budget Office

EERE’s Budget Office provides information and decision support for EERE managers. The office provides both budget formulation and execution support to EERE programs and senior leadership to ensure that EERE’s work proceeds in accordance with appropriations acts, congressional guidance, and Office of Management and Budget and DOE regulations. 

Office of Business Services Management

The Office of Business Services Management (OBSM) works to ensure that EERE has clear and accessible business processes, world-class information systems, and a highly talented workforce to execute its mission effectively and efficiently. OBSM includes the IT Services Office, Knowledge Management and Systems Office, Workforce Management Office, and a Business Administration Team that leads EERE audit resolution, internal controls, conference management, and controlled correspondence and Congressional Reports activities.