About Us
The Office of Business Services Management (OBSM) works to ensure that EERE has clear and accessible business processes, world-class information systems, and a highly talented workforce to execute its mission effectively and efficiently. OBSM supports EERE in its effort to be an open and collaborative learning organization that recruits and retains top talent, builds and renews its intellectual capital, continuously improves its business processes, fosters creative problem-solving, and shares best practices.

Our Work
OBSM includes the work of three offices and an internal Business Administration Team: 

Information Technology Services Office
The Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) manages EERE’s IT systems and assets and ensures their compliance with federal and Departmental requirements. ITSO implements IT solutions that create operational efficiencies and increase the integrity and quality of information and data management; oversees EERE’s IT facilities management, IT acquisitions, and EERE data architecture; and ensures that EERE technical controls, processes, and procedures are effective in mitigating risks and cyber threats, while complying with DOE cybersecurity directives.

Knowledge Management and Systems Office
The Knowledge Management and Systems Office (KMSO) delivers and manages the policies and procedures, systems, tools, training, and data analytics necessary for EERE to consistently, efficiently, and effectively execute its mission in accordance with DOE guidelines and leadership priorities. KMSO leads business process management and systems efforts, as well as related data, training, and collaboration activities.

Workforce Management Office 
Workforce Management Office (WMO) provides assistance and advice to EERE offices and employees in the areas of talent management, staffing and onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and training. WMO also oversees EERE Headquarters facilities management activities.

Business Administration Team
OBSM’s Business Administration Team provides direct oversight of conference management, controlled correspondence, and Congressional Report activities to ensure timely and consistent action across EERE, as well as alignment with federal and Departmental policies.
The team also manages EERE audit coordination and resolution activities. This includes developing policies and procedures to guide the management and execution of audit resolution; collecting and validating corrective action data; and performing reviews and evaluations of internal controls to ensure effective operation and compliance with policies and best practices.