The U.S. Department of Energy's former Advanced Manufacturing Office, now organized under the Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office, sponsored the development of energy system and energy management software tools to help manufacturers increase energy efficiency at the plant-level and in specific systems. Learn step-by-step ways to identify opportunities, monitor progress, and improve efficiency in any facility by accessing the tools listed below.

Energy and Water Management
Systems and Equipment Management


Tools can be downloaded directly from the Tool Download Center

The U.S. Department of Energy no longer directly supports the following energy system software tools. Some of these tools have been incorporated into MEASUR  and continue to be supported in that software suite.

  • 3E Plus
  • AIRMaster+ (Compressed Air)
  • Chilled Water Assessment Tool (CWSAT)
  • eGuide
  • Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
  • MotorMaster+
  • MotorMaster+ International
  • NOx Assessment Tool (NxEAT)
  • Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT)
  • Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST)
  • Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT)
  • Steam System Scoping Tool (SSST)
  • Steam System Modeler Tool (SSMT)

Links to download these tools are available by request at the Tools Help Desk