The Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) has undertaken an effort to reprogram legacy tools that were written for the Windows platform into a modern environment. The legacy tools were written in a variety of programming languages, and the source code considered proprietary, making it difficult to keep these tools current with the rapidly changing IT infrastructure. AMO’s tools were designed to help manufacturers increase industrial energy efficiency at the plant-level and for specific energy consuming systems.

Keeping that in mind, DOE has developed MEASUR to aid manufacturers in improving the efficiency of energy systems and equipment within a plant. This effort will provide for an extensively more user-friendly, modern and versatile set of tools. Additionally, there will be more interoperability between the individual tools, and MEASUR will be accessible in an open-source environment.

MEASUR consists of the following DOE legacy energy system assessment tools (updated):

  • Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT)
  • Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST)
  • Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
  • Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT)/ Steam System Modeler (SSMT)
  • AIRMaster+*

MEASUR will also include:

  • An “inventory” providing the user an easy-to-create inventory database of their various equipment (motors, pumps, fans, process heaters, etc.) that is easily connected to assessments*
  • A “treasure hunt” tool kit, where users can estimate the savings found in an Energy Efficiency Treasure Hunt / Kaizen and track the project process*
  • Several additional calculators are available that can be used independently for system parameter estimations and graphical analysis (e.g., estimate pump head, examine the pump-system curve, converting energy requirements for different heat sources, comparing the energy and cost implications of replacing or rewinding motors, etc.)

*under development

Open Source

MEASUR is accessible in an open-source environment. Those familiar with open-source software or software coding, who would like to explore and interface with this developmental process may do so by clicking here DOE AMO GitHub page

Intended Users

The tool is designed for industrial energy coordinators, plant managers, engineers, and personnel who are interested in improving system efficiency and measuring potential savings opportunities in both dollars and energy savings.

System Requirements

MEASUR will operate on the following Operating Systems:

  • 64-bit or 32-bit computer running Windows OS
  • 64-bit or 32-bit computer running Linux OS
  • Mac OS X

Tool Summary

PSAT: The Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT), helps to evaluate the potential energy savings opportunities of pumping systems based on field-measured data. The tool enables users to save and retrieve log files, default values, and system curves for sharing analyses with other users. It is also intended to help industrial users assess different system modifications to determine which would be the most energetically beneficial. PSAT test what-if" scenarios for various options to reduce energy use or use the automatic optimizer with data from the Hydraulic Institute standards and motor performance data from the MotorMaster+ database.

PHAST: The Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST), introduces methods to improve thermal efficiency of heating equipment. This tool helps industrial users survey process heating equipment consuming fuel or electricity, and identifies the most energy-intensive equipment. The tool can be used to perform a heat balance that identifies major areas of energy use under various operating conditions and test "what-if" scenarios for various options to reduce energy use.

FSAT: The Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT) helps users identify and evaluate the potential energy savings opportunities in fan systems. This tool enables industrial users to assess various system modifications to determine optimal system configurations and allows users to test customized “what-if" operating scenarios to minimize energy consumption. Alternatively, users can utilize the automatic optimizer functionality which is built upon published fan efficiency data and motor performance data.

SSAT/SSMT: The Steam System Modeler Tool (SSMT, formerly the Steam System Assessment Tool, SSAT) helps users identify and evaluate the potential energy savings opportunities in steam systems. The tool helps industrial users better understand the current operating conditions of the components of a steam system, including boilers, turbines and flash tanks. The tool helps estimate the various steam flows throughout the system and test “what-if” scenarios for various opportunities to reduce energy use. 

AIRMaster+: Coming Soon!

Treasure Hunt Module: MEASUR’s Treasure Hunt is a collection of calculators that can be used in a Kaizen, Treasure Hunt or Energy Sweep type event. It pairs with the DOE Better Plants Treasure Hunt Toolkit. This tool helps industrial users quantify savings for low/no cost energy opportunities such as turning off unused equipment, reducing compressed air pressure, upgrading lighting fixtures, and many more. There are calculators relating to motors (replacing vs rewinding, upgrading motor drive), electricity use (modifying electricity use, upgrading lighting), compressed air, natural gas, steam and water/wastewater. The tool helps users organize the opportunities found during the event in their “Treasure Chest”, share them between users, and roll them together in a comprehensive report. 

Simple Energy Calculators: The MEASUR software contains over 40 equipment and property calculators for simple energy-related calculations and analyses. These calculators can aide users in identifying, assessing, and quantifying simple energy-saving opportunities within a variety of systems, including: pump, fan, process heating, steam, motors, compressed air, and lighting systems. In addition, there are a number of general engineering calculators included to perform energy-related calculations and conversions. The full list of calculators along with a short description can be viewed here.

Release Notes

MEASUR has a built-in auto-update feature that will automatically check and notify users of recent tool updates. Users are given the option whether to upgrade to the latest version. MEASUR is accessible in an open-source environment DOE AMO GitHub page.

Additional Information