Course Introduction

Module 0 provides an introduction to the Build4Scale training topic areas, a course outline, and an overview of manufacturing considerations.


Module 1 is a self-assessment tool to help you evaluate your level of manufacturing readiness and identify relevant Build4Scale training resources.

Detailed Design Package

Module 2 provides an overview of the industry standard tools and software needed to turn your prototype into an actual design package.

Module 2A: Bill of Materials (BOM) and Bill of Process (BOP)
Module 2B: Product Life cycle Management Tools
Module 2C: Acceptable Quality Level
Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, and Reliability

Module 3 helps you determine if your materials, design, and manufacturing choices are economically viable and can meet customer needs.

Module 3 Intro: Crosscutting Introduction
Module 3A: Market Feasibility
Module 3B: Materials Selection
Module 3C: Manufacturing Processes
Module 3D: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Module 3E: Design for Reliability
Module 3F: Manufacturing Electronic Components
Beta Prototype and Test Plan

Module 4 covers failure mode testing and how it influences prototype design.

Module 4A: Beta Prototype and Test Plan
Module 4B: Importance of the Manufacturing Process
Module 4C: Simulating Product Use Conditions
Module 4D: Refinement of Design
Communication, Selection, and Negotiation

Module 5 teaches you how to build the supply-and-distribution plan, and engage with contract manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

Module 5A: Supplier Relations and Partnerships
Module 5B: Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning Tools (ERP/MRP)—Prepare for Scale-Up with ERP/MRP
Module 5C: Partnerships, Supply Chain, and Distribution — Distribution Plan
Module 5D: Shipping, Packaging, and Customs Considerations
Regulation, Certification, and Industry Standards

Module 6 helps you determine the regulatory, certification, and quality needs of your product and how these factors impact your prototype design.

Module 6A: Impact on Product Design and Quality
Module 6B: Identify Quality Needs
Sustaining Quality and Warranty Plan

Module 7 teaches you how to maintain quality and customer service during production.

Module 7A: Key Quality Needs to Measure and Assess
Module 7B: Preparing for the Production Ramp
Module 7C: Field Product Quality, Service, and Repair
Module 7D: Financing Growth