This is the text version of the video H2 Twin Cities.


Clips of hydrogen-powered equipment and vehicles appear on screen.

It's part of the answer to save the future. A piece of this massive puzzle to tackle climate change.

Clips of the Earth, solar panels, a power plant, wind turbines, and a glacier are shown in sequence.

You know it. They know it. We know it.

A montage of diverse people is shown on screen.

Imagine two cities across the world working hand in hand to grow, learn, streamline, innovate—together, accelerating hydrogen deployments for their communities and citizens.

A sequence of clips shows people developing hydrogen technologies, people working together in offices and in the field, and communities.

H2 Twin Cities will create partnerships that do just that.

H2 Twin Cities logo appears over a rotating Earth.

We're looking for front runners, trailblazers, and innovators from all backgrounds to fast-track the global H2 movement.

A montage of multinational people working in lab, office, factory, and construction settings is shown on screen.

Across continents, we're connecting cities at the forefront of hydrogen development with communities that want to be change makers.

Dashed lines connect pairs of cities, depicted as dots, across continents over a background image of the Earth. On-screen text shows CHANGE MAKERS.

Together you’ll share ideas, mentor and learn from each other, build a community of best practices, and revolutionize our commitment to environmental justice and clean energy jobs.

Scene shows a sequence of people working together with on-screen text that shows SHARE IDEAS, MENTOR - LEARN, BUILD COMMUNITY, and REVOLUTIONIZE COMMITMENTS.

Twin cities with one common goal.

On-screen graphics depict two paired cities in blue and green circles that merge into the H2 Twin Cities logo.

We will decarbonize industry, transport, and power generation, achieve emissions and pollution reduction, and create jobs...

A sequence of clips shows industrial manufacturing, a power plant generating emissions, blue skies and people outside, and people in a meeting.

...through scaling up hydrogen technologies, nurturing market adoption, providing outreach and training, and bringing together perspectives from all sides.

A montage of hydrogen technologies and training is shown on screen.

You, your community, your city, can create impact.

A montage of people and cities is shown.

It starts with you. Join the effort and find your H2 Twin City.

Blue and green circles again morph into the H2 Twin Cities logo as the video pans out from a close-up of Earth to the Earth from space.

Be part of building a better, cleaner, more equitable world. Join us, share, and learn more.

On-screen text shows JOIN US, SHARE, and LEARN MORE over the Earth. Text appears:, with the H2 Twin Cities logo above and Clean Energy Ministerial logo below.