In adherence with EERE guidance, GTO uses an external peer review process to assess the performance of research activities and GTO as a whole. The peer review process may include a combination of technology area peer reviews, individual project peer reviews, and an overall office-level peer review. Through the peer review process, independent reviewers assess the GTO portfolio along a number of key metrics, including productivity, technical quality and accomplishments, relevance to GTO and EERE strategic and programmatic goals, and overall portfolio management.

For the peer review, technical experts from industry, academia, and government are selected as reviewers based on their experience and expertise in various aspects of geothermal energy. The reviewers score and provide qualitative comments based on the presentations and accompanying background information provided by principal investigators and GTO. Peer reviews are essential for obtaining regular, objective feedback on whether the GTO portfolio is balanced, impactful, and performing appropriately.

Results of the peer review are published in a public summary report, including GTO’s response to peer review feedback and comments.