The results of evaluation activities can play an important role in helping GTO determine whether its investments are achieving strategic goals as well as leading to impactful energy, economic, environmental, and energy security benefits. While the MYPP guides the research portfolio, results of portfolio assessment in turn inform the MYPP. If portfolio performance is deemed not to be meeting GTO’s strategic goals and advancing geothermal, the MYPP may be adjusted to better direct future RD&D.

In addition, the energy sector is rapidly evolving and constantly responding to ever-changing domestic and global conditions. These changes can have significant effect on the energy needs of the American public and the solutions required to meet those needs. As such, the GTO MYPP is intended to be updated and adapted in response to the market. Regular reviews and updates will continually assess GTO’s research and its ability to contribute to U.S. demands for secure, reliable, diverse, and affordable energy.

The initial goal is to revisit the MYPP in FY 2024 to determine whether the plan is meeting GTO performance goals and helping to address U.S. energy demands.