Approximately two weeks after completing successful award negotiations, you will receive a notification from FedConnect that your cooperative agreement award package is ready to download. The award package consists of six elements (listed below), all of which explain the recipient's duties and responsibilities during the performance and closeout of the award. See a sample EERE Cooperative Agreement here.

Assistance Agreement: This section includes only high-level information such as a unique award number, funding amount, period of performance, and points of contact for the recipient and the EERE personnel designated to manage the agreement.

Special Terms and Conditions: This section includes, but is not limited to, payment terms, cost sharing requirements, National Environmental Policy Act  requirements, continuation applications, go/no-go decision points, technical milestones, terms of property and equipment purchases, and audits.

It's critical to review and understand the award terms and conditions. If the recipient fails to comply with the requirements, EERE may take appropriate action consistent with 2 CFR §§ 200.338, 200.339, 10 CFR §§ 600.24 and 600.25, including, but not limited to, redirecting, suspending, or terminating the award.

Attachment 1 Statement of Project Objectives: This section describes the overall objectives and scope of the project, provides a description of the tasks to be performed, and describes the project-specific milestones and go/no-go decision points.

Attachment 2 Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions (FARC): This section contains a list of all reporting requirements and corresponding instructions. Pay attention to the special instructions on page 2 of the FARC, which often contains award-specific reporting.

Attachment 3 Budget Information (SF-424A): This section includes the award's final approved budget, broken down by cost category (e.g., personnel, supplies, equipment, etc.) If during the award performance, you move dollars between cost categories, alert the DOE Award Administrator and DOE Project Officer listed on the Assistance Agreement. They can advise you if the change requires a formal award modification.

Attachment 4 Intellectual Property Provisions: This section lists the final intellectual property provisions, including patent and data rights. The intellectual property provisions of EERE awards are based on the project and recipient type (e.g., small business, large business, or non-profit, etc.) As a result, you will find multiple versions of Attachment 4 in the model cooperative agreement.

Visit the EERE Project Management Center to access forms, review regulations, and manage EERE-funded projects.