Once the project period ends, recipients have 120 days to complete the final reporting requirements, which include anything marked "F" on the Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions. Most awards require the following closeout reports:

  1. Federal Financial Report SF-425
  2. Final Scientific/Technical Report
  3. Invention Certification (DOE F2050.11)
  4. Tangible Personal Property Report (SF-424A)

Always check the Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions section of your award for specific instructions. However, the two main places to submit final reports are:

  1. Project Management Center for most closeout reports
  2. Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) E-Link for the Final Scientific/Technical Report

OSTI E-Link provides the means for recipients to electronically submit scientific and technical information sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE). OSTI facilitates the electronic submittal of scientific and technical information (STI) between DOE and its client community, including researchers, reviewers, research administrators, and others doing business with DOE. STI deliverables provided to DOE through E-Link are announced, as appropriate, on Web products maintained by OSTI, which provides free and convenient public access to full text and bibliographic data of products resulting from DOE-funded research.

Visit the EERE Project Management Center to access forms, review regulations, and manage EERE-funded projects.