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Like gasoline and natural gas, hydrogen is a fuel that must be handled appropriately. When guidelines are observed, it can be used as safely as the other common fuels we use today.

The Basics: DOE Hydrogen Safety Fact Sheet

This hydrogen safety fact sheet provides basic facts about hydrogen properties and behavior to help users understand issues related to hydrogen safety.

Visit our Increase Your H2IQ page for more basic information about hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders

The Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders online training course highlights hydrogen properties, explains how to identify and recognize hydrogen equipment, and describes initial protective actions for first responders. Modules focus on hydrogen basics, transport and storage, vehicles, dispensing, stationary facilities, codes and standards, and emergency response. The course also includes a quiz and a library with additional resources.

Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials

The Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials online training course provides an overview of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, how these technologies are used in real-world applications, and the codes and standards required for permitting them. A short quiz is offered at the end of each module. In addition, the course features a Library section with supplementary information including publications, related links, and a glossary of terms used in the course.

California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) Resources for First Responders

The CaFCP offers educational seminars (primarily in California) and other resources, including a response scenarios video, for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and law enforcement. For contact information and to learn more, visit the CaFCP website.

Permitting Hydrogen Facilities Website

A Permitting Hydrogen Facilities website identifies model codes and standards to help local permitting officials deal with proposals for hydrogen fueling stations, fuel cell use for telecommunications facilities, and other hydrogen projects.

Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database

DOE's Hydrogen Safety Bibliographic Database provides references to reports, articles, books, and other resources for information on hydrogen safety as it relates to production, storage, distribution, and use.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety Report

Produced by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association and funded by DOE, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety Report is a monthly electronic newsletter dedicated to hydrogen safety, codes, and standards issues.

Hydrogen Incident Reporting Database

The Hydrogen Incident Reporting Database provides lessons learned and other relevant information gained from actual experiences using and working with hydrogen. The database contains records of events involving hydrogen or hydrogen-related technologies.

Regulators' Guide to Permitting Hydrogen Technologies

DOE's Regulators' Guide to Permitting Hydrogen Technologies provides information about hydrogen's use as a fuel, the regulatory process, and relevant codes and standards for stationary fuel cell technologies for commercial buildings and hydrogen motor fuel dispensing facilities.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Codes and Standards Matrix

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Matrix is a directory of worldwide hydrogen- and fuel cell-related codes and standards.

For more information, visit the safety, codes and standards section of this site.