For all projects funded by the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO), there are procedures and practices required to enable safety in the operation, handling, and use of hydrogen systems. This is accomplished through a peer review process that requires participants to complete a detailed safety evaluation, implement safety procedures, and develop a communication plan.

Safety aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell R&D projects funded by the program are reviewed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Hydrogen Safety Panel. Safety aspects include:

  • Identification of safety vulnerability techniques used in the design and operation of equipment
  • Identification of management of change process used for the project
  • Safety-related lessons learned from the project
  • Other safety-related insights benefiting the project and/or application to other projects.

In addition, all HFTO-funded proposals for hydrogen-related solicitations must include a preliminary safety plan, and all funded projects must complete a more detailed safety plan as part of the project. For details, see Safety Planning Guidance for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Projects, updated January 2020.